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The revolutionary Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec allows real-time auditioning and comparison of a variety of audio codecs. It has a display that helps analyse codec-induced clipping and noise, and enables real-time compensation for clipping.

The Pro-Codec's extensive monitoring tools and built-in encoding/decoding features enable mixes to be optimised for specific target formats, ensuring maximum fidelity for final encoding and distribution.

Integrated into the plug-in are Fraunhofer's own AAC and mp3 codecs, including MPEG Surround and multi-channel AAC formats for surround mixing, as well as Apple's iTunes+ codec for mixing directly for the Mastered for iTunes programme. (Mac version only).

The software now includes a stand-alone Manager application, which enables batch processing of multiple files and includes a full metadata editor.

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  • 64-bit compliant (AAX / AU / VST)
  • Supported Codecs:
  •   - mp3, Apple AAC iTunes+ [Mac only], AAC-LC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC v2
    - MPEG Surround, AAC-LC multi-channel, HE-AAC multi-channel
    - HD-AAC
  • Comprehensive real-time auditioning with glitchless switching
  • Batch encoding of multiple files
  • Includes metadata editor
  • Select up to five codecs for simultaneous export, in real-time, to encoded files
  • AB auditioning in real-time between codecs, or between codec and input signal
  • ABX mode for blind statistical testing
  • Graphical displays include:
  •   - High resolution display of the Input signal and Diff signal.
    - Indication of the audibility of codec-induced artefacts
    - Bitstream levels and ability to compensate for overloads
    - Indication of filesize or datastream compression
    - Stereo image metering
  • Offline encoding and decoding
  • Compatible with many digital audio workstation applications, such as:
  •   - Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sequoia. (Mac and PC)
    Native: AAX Native, RTAS, Audio Units and VST

    Mac Intel OSX 10.5 or later, Windows 7 / 8

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