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Sonnox Broadcast

Post Production Super Bundle (inc. Sonnox Restore)

Sonnox Post is an uncompromising plug-in solution for audio post-production. It includes the award-winning Sonnox Restore suite which features the DeClicker, DeBuzzer and DeNoiser audio restoration plug-ins, along with the classic Oxford EQ and Dynamics algorithms from the OXF-R3 digital console. Also included are the versatile Oxford Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser dynamic EQ - making Sonnox Post the ultimate post-production super bundle.

With the plug-ins' detailed visual feedback, Sonnox Post will help get the job done faster!

Contains: Oxford EQ*, Dynamics, Reverb, Limiter, SuprEsser**, DeClicker†, DeBuzzer† and DeNoiser†

* GML 8200 option available - Please contact for details.

** The included Oxford SuprEsser is native only (AAX Native, RTAS, AU, VST).

     An exchange for SuprEsser DS is available. Exchange info.

† DeClicker, DeBuzzer, DeNoise are native only - RTAS, AU, VST (AAX Native coming soon)

     An exchange for SuprEsser DS is available. Exchange info.

Pro Tools HD-HDX: £1,898 GBP $2,891 USD ~ €2,724 EUR ~
Native: £1,562 GBP $2,379 USD ~ €2,242 EUR ~

All prices exclusive of sales tax.
~ Approximations due to varying exchange rate.

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